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QuickBooks Payroll Desktop Support Number

The QuickBooks payroll feature has proved to be a great benefit for the companies and the employees along with the employers that would like to give payment to their employees through electronic transfer of funds. Apart from the payment option, it can also have the company calculate the Texas pertaining to the payroll and to avoid any kind of penalties on tax that seems to be very hectic. In case there are difficulties in accessing and installing the payroll, you can get it successfully done by contacting the QuickBooks Payroll Desktop Support Number 1888-557-5018 department. There are different ways for you to contact them.

QuickBooks Payroll Support

The first thing you can do is to contact through their official website. You need to follow these steps-

  • On that I can cite, there is a drop down menu that you can click and find a product that you want to use.
  • There are three services, namely the basic/standard/enhanced, assisted and intuit online payroll. From these options, choose the option that you want.
  • You can click on the contact us feature and then select the topic that you have a query on.
  • Click on the view contact info.

Support Outside QuickBooks

If you have a technical problem pertaining to the software, you need to get access to the Intuit QuickBooks support. Apart from it, if you need anything pertaining to payroll, you can access the payroll support page.

Support for QuickBooks Payroll Software

The process is pretty easy, and you can get QuickBooks Support by going into QuickBooks from the Desktop. After opening the software, you need to click on the help and support section. If you follow the instructions, the query will be submitted.

Basic, Standard and Enhanced Payroll

After you have clicked on the tab, you will be taken to a new page which contains three options, account, payroll and Texas. On the payroll section, there are various sections for you to choose from-

  • How to create paychecks?
  • Payroll update.
  • How can you activate direct deposit?
  • How to send direct deposit?
  • Things to do to recover your pin or reset your pin.
  • Adding a new employee for payroll.
  • Changing employee information that has already been added.
  • Learning how to add deduction or benefit.
  • Options of directly editing the direct deposit checks.

Assisted Payroll

Some features of the basic services as well as the assisted payroll coincide, and there are a lot of improved features as well. They include-

  • Making proper arrangements for direct deposit.
  • Creating bonus paychecks for the QuickBooks payroll.
  • Downloading the latest tax table of payroll.
  • Setting up or removing direct deposit for the employers added.
  • Ensuring that the check can be avoided, cancelled or even recalling it.

Intuit Online Payroll

For this service, most of the features remain the same, the only difference happens to be when you access the online payroll, you shall be redirected to another browser and you shall have complete access to it. Most of the services are beneficial in providing you with a daily accounting needs.

If you have any queries or issues with the Intuit online payroll, you can simply call our QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number at +1888-557-5018.

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Direct Deposit With QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks has played a very important role in establishing the company and helping it accomplish a lot of things. From a filing to the payroll set of system, a lot of jobs along with direct deposit can be undertaken by QuickBooks. Direct deposit with QuickBooks Payroll is one of the virtues with which the checks will be deposited electronically into the savings of the checking account. It can become available to you on the day of the salary itself. There are simple steps necessary to get it done in QuickBooks

Direct Deposit With QuickBooks Payroll

  • You need to select the employee details along with pertinent information like working hours as well as the details, and other things which can decide the salary of the person.
  • You can schedule the payment between 2 to 45 days in advance by simply selecting the account from which the money is to be debited.
  • You can then run the payroll system to ensure that the checks will be deposited into the account of the employees directly.

You need to understand that every step has a certain set of requirements that need to be fulfilled. For direct deposit in QuickBooks, it is the same. The requirements are-

  • Any updated version of QuickBooks.
  • Subscription for the QuickBooks desktop payroll which remains active.
  • EIN which is the employer identification number.
  • High speed Internet access.
  • A bank account which provides ACH transactions.

When these requirements are met, you can be deemed suitable to set up the direct deposit with QuickBooks payroll.

How Can You Sign Up For The Direct Deposit System?

The overall process is not complicated. You need to be patient so that there are no errors when filling up the form. You can follow the steps by-

  • You need to click on the employee’s manual, then go to payroll services and then select the active direct deposit.
  • Complete all the form filling before you need to submit it for review.
  • When the ZIP Code is needed, and that only the five digits without any extension.
  • Click on the submit feature.
  • The agreement will pop up, and you need to go through it carefully.
  • After reading the terms and conditions, click on the check box.
  • Now you need to sign up.
  • Do not forget to add the direct deposit feature, which is extremely important from the starting guide.

After the entire process is set up, you can simply print the confirmation page and the kind will be able to provide you with the necessary materials and forms for the payment of the employees directly. It consists of instructions along with the verification process from your bank.

If you’re not able to download the guide for the direct deposit, you can simply go in the help section in QuickBooks menu, and then look at the starting guide. It’s a very easy process.

Do Not Forget

  • To transmit the crucial payroll data before 17:00 hours Pacific Time for at least two banking days in advance. You can also transmit them 45 days in advance.
  • You need to have an Internet connection, and QuickBooks will be able to provide you with a secure connection so that there is no unauthorized access.
  • The direct deposit can be transferred through the Intuit pay card.
  • If the date of the Check falls on a nonworking day, then the deposit will be made on the next business day.
  • Direct deposit payroll will be sent to ACH clearance.
  • The basic will be deposited directly into the bank account of the employees during the salary date.

The entire process is lengthy, but very simple. It is one of the best processes for you to complete your paperwork without much of documentation necessary. After that, the process will simply recur every month. If you have any problems, give a call to our QuickBooks Payroll Phone Number +1888-557-5018.

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