What Is Payroll Summary Report

Payroll Summary Reports are created for individual employees to see the transactions on specific dates. This report consists of taxes, gross pay, and net pay, a different type of deductions, adjustments, employee wages and contributions too. If you want your task to be optimized then you should run a Payroll Summary Report. You can read this full article to learn how to create a payroll summary report in QuickBooks. But before proceeding every user of QuickBooks must understand a few things about this payroll report.

Create A Payroll Summary Report

Things To Remember

  • Gross Pay consists of commission and additions like bonus and tips
  • Adjusted Gross Pay = Gross Pay – Pre-tax deductions (employee contribution)
  • Net Pay is the value which is to be paid to the employees after taxes
  • Employer Taxes and Contributions shows the amount collected during the period covered by the report

Create A Payroll Summary Report

  • Navigate to the Reports menu
  • Choose Employees & Payroll > Payroll Summary
  • Put the date range
    • Adjust the date range from the drop-down menu or
    • You can go to the From and To fields and fill the date range
  • Click on Refresh
  • Eliminate the columns of Hours and Rate
  • Click on Customize Report
  • From the Display tab, uncheck the Hours and Rate boxes and click OK
  • Now, go to the Pay Period Begin/End Date and adjust the pay period under the Filters tab and click OK
  • Select your Report and give a command to Print it

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Run A Payroll Report On One Employee

  • Navigate to the Employees menu and go to Employee center
  • Choose the employee for which you want to run the summary report
  • Choose the report type from the options
    • Quick Report
    • Payroll Summary
    • Paid Time Off Report
    • Payroll Transaction Detail

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