The Intuit QuickBooks Desktop payroll software is extremely friendly and helpful a complex software which makes the entire task very easy for small business. It can work for Mac operating system as well as on the Windows operating system as well. It can be accessed from the cloud as well. There are various companies that cannot imagine a life without QuickBooks, as it comes with a lot of inbuilt features.

Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Software Support Phone Number

What Exactly is QuickBooks Payroll?

It happens to be an enhanced feature which can help you to manage the payroll within the system. There are three features, namely the basic feature, and has treated as well as the assistant payroll system.

QuickBooks Payroll Customized For Desktop

Some of the features of the QuickBooks can also be used in the text of as well. One service is the QuickBooks Desktop Support service which can open into a wide arena for most of the companies to work conveniently and within a small time frame. Everybody makes use of desktop and most of the work involves accounting and payroll. QuickBooks makes it much easier. Some of the features which are included in the QuickBooks payroll are-

  1. Update of Payroll– This feature can ensure that the companies will be able to provide pertinent updates along with calculations for the supported state as well as federal taxes and payroll tax forms according to the payroll.
  2. Proper Facilities for Paycheck Creation– No more you have to worry about manually creating the paychecks which requires a lot of tax calculation. QuickBooks will be able to do that very easy for you.
  3. Direct Deposit– With the help of this feature, the money would be directly deposited to your employees ‘account.
  4. Direct Deposit for 1099 Contractors– There are a few independent contractors which are 1099. With this important feature you can directly deposit money to their account.
  5. View the Paychecks– The employees not have the facility of viewing their paychecks online without any hassles. It enables them to save printing the paper as there is no use of printing pay slips.
  6. Federal Form– This important facility in QuickBooks ensures that you can automatically fill up all the important federal forms like 1099/1096 W-2 and 94X and send them to the federal agencies to save time.
  7. State Forms– The QuickBooks section also has the ability to fill up the state forms to ensure that you are always compliant. The assistant payroll feature can also pay the taxes on your behalf.
  8. E file and E pay– There is no need for you to worry about filling up your taxes manually, and having to mail them to a physical address. Simply fill in the forms electronically and sending them to the agencies will be more than enough. You can fill the form electronically and the agencies will be responsible for processing it.
  9. Workers Comp– The QuickBooks software contains an amazing feature which will be able to go through the payroll data in real-time and without having to give anything in advance, the workers comp premium will be paid automatically.
  10. Not Tax Penalties Guaranteed– With this software, there is no need for people to worry about having any delay in the payment of taxes. QuickBooks will be able to do it automatically for you.
  11. Free Expert Support– There are various resources which enable you to successfully run the payroll, and in case of any difficulty in QuickBooks, you have expert help for various features like the payroll support website, payroll tax compliance, payroll community center and the payroll year-end center to help you out.
  12. After the Fact Payroll– If there is a single screen spreadsheet available for checking the paychecks, it will have the accountant to enter the data thereby validating the adjustment done.
  13. Creating Tax Forms for The Client– In case any user has the standard of the basic subscription, QuickBooks can also help in the production of federal and state tax.
  14. Client Ready for Payroll Reports– If you simply looking for professional paper records for every payroll, the software will be able to provide client analysis on the payrolls and make it easily available to you.
  15. Filing as a Reporting Agent– With the help of QuickBooks, you will be able to file the federal forms as an authorized e-filing expert.
  16. Auto fill Option– When you are looking to fill the federal forms with the preparations already done, you need to install QuickBooks on top and it will do the work automatically for you.

QuickBooks payroll has become very famous amongst small companies with the extremely good user friendly approach an extremely high accuracy system. It is also an added advantage that you will be able to use it in case your company becomes smaller or larger at any point of time. The usability has made it one of the best-known software in the market. In case you find any issues, you can simply call the QuickBooks Payroll Support Phone Number 1866-656-1012 to find out the solution to your problem.

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