QuickBooks is one of the most advanced and affordable accounting software which is now leading the market today. Yes, QuickBooks has become the leading accounting software in the world because of its many features and premium technical support. QuickBooks Premium Support can be avail by any user to get rid of any error related to QuickBooks. QuickBooks always do regular updates to make their software more efficient and during the update process, many users face a different type of issues. For example – Installer not working, damage in components and QuickBooks Error 15201.

QuickBooks Error 15201

In this article, we will discuss why QuickBooks Error 15201 occurs, how you can identify this error code and how to solve QuickBooks Error 15201 by following the easy steps.

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Causes of QuickBooks Error 15201

  • Installation of Corrupted QuickBooks Software
  • Virus/Malware attack on your system
  • Windows Registry Files got corrupted
  • Inaccurate Firewall settings not allowing update process to complete
  • Corruption is data files

These are the possible causes of QuickBooks Error 15201. Now don’t forget to read the symptoms of this error code so that you can identify this error code and report immediately to the QuickBooks Support team.

Symptoms Of QuickBooks Error 15201

  • The QuickBooks has stopped working
  • QuickBooks is not responding to your commands
  • QuickBooks is crashing frequently
  • An Issue in updating the company data file

Steps To Fix QuickBooks Error 15201

Now, we will move further to solve QuickBooks Error 15201. Below are the easy steps which will help you in fixing the QuickBooks Error code.

Solution 1: Install Digital Signature Certificate

  • Run Windows Explorer
  • Navigate to the C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks
  • Look for .exe file and go to the properties using the right click of the mouse
  • Select the Digital Signature tab and verify that the Intuit, Inc. is marked in the signature list
  • Go to the Details
  • Select View Certificate
  • Install the Certificate and follow the positive options to complete the process
  • Choose the Finish button
  • Now you have to restart your computer system and run QuickBooks application
  • Now you can download the updates

If you still facing the same issue then we suggest you move on the second solution.

Solution 2: Configure Windows Firewall Settings

Firewall settings should be accurate to avoid the restriction in internet connection. If the firewall settings are not appropriate then it leads to terminate the update process.  So to avoid any restriction it is recommended to turn off the antivirus program. You can change the firewall settings to allow the connection.

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