C=1304 Error Code QuickBooks File Repair & Data Recovery

QuickBooks Error Code 1304 appears at the time of updating the QuickBooks software or installing the program. It shows an error message “Error writing to file [filename]”. Understand the causes of QuickBooks Error 1304 from QuickBooks Payroll Technical Support Number 1888-382-9112 and you should have access to that directory before contacting the Support.

QuickBooks Error Code 1304

What are the Causes of QuickBooks Error C=1304?

The Error can be caused due to the things that are given below:

  • When there is a problem in the CD Drive
  • Damaged CD
  • When Microsoft .NET component got damaged

How to Fix Resolve Error C=1304?

In order to fix the Error Code 1304, you need to swap the Data1 .cab file on your hard drive with that file which is situated in the installation CD. You can also copy the folders needs to be installed from the CD and store them in the hard drive before installing QuickBooks. Do this action if you think there is a problem with the CD or .NET component.

To get rid of this Error code 1304, install the QuickBooks using the files you stored in your hard drive. Now follow the step guide to execute the process.

Copy the Installation files from the CD to the Hard Drive

  • Put the QuickBooks CD into the CD drive
  • Hit Quit if installation starts automatically
  • Now select Explore by hitting on the Windows start button
  • Generate a new folder on the hard drive and copy the installation files in it.
  • Name that folder “QuickBooks”
  • Look around to click the QuickBooks CD in the left pane and choose Explore
  • Position the QuickBooks and third-party folders in the right pane, and the setup.exe file
  • Pick both folders and the file
  • Tick one of the highlighted folders and opt Copy
  • Browse back to the QuickBooks folder you formed before
  • Right-click that folder and select Paste

Note: If it doesn’t allow you to copy these files then there may be a problem in the CD or CD drive itself. Try to install the QuickBooks on connected computers from one CD drive.

Install QuickBooks from the folders you copied to your hard drive

  • Open the QuickBooks folder which you have just created
  • Start the installation by tapping twice on setup .exe file
  • Now follow all the positive instruction to complete the installation.

The steps to resolve QuickBooks Error 1304 depends on the path you get the error from i.e. from CD or downloading QuickBooks online.

  • If you are installing the QuickBooks from the CD then copy the files from the CD to the hard drive and then proceed
  • If you are downloading QuickBooks then maybe Microsoft .NET framework got damaged. Then you need to fix .Net framework first.

Technical Support to Troubleshoot C=1304

After going through the above steps, if you are still facing the same issue then immediately contact QuickBooks Support USA to get assisted by certified technicians who are available round the clock. We understand the need of customers that is why we also provide the toll-free QuickBooks Tech Support Number 1888-382-9112 and assist the requirements of valuable customers.