As we have discussed in many previous articles that Intuit QuickBooks has this clear goal in their mind to provide the best accounting software with innumerable features to their Users. Intuit pays extra attention to User experience and User needs and for that they integrate QuickBooks with some third-party applications. Virtual Time clock is one such integration app. In this article, we will discuss Integration of Virtual Time Clock with QuickBooks and its certain features.

QuickBooks Payroll Integration With Virtual Time Clock

Integration Setup

  • Enable Time tracking in your QuickBooks preferences.
  • Navigate to Edit>Preferences>Time & Expenses>Company Preferences and select Yes under Do you Track Time?
  • Next, enable the Employees to use time data in order to create paychecks by going in the Employee Center.
  • Navigate to Employees menu>Employee Center>Select an Employee>Edit menu>Edit Employee>Payroll Info. Click on Use time data to create paychecks.
  • Go to menu bar once again and select file option. In the menu opened search for “Utilities Tab” and click on that followed by “Export” option. Select Timer lists in the drop-down menu. You might have to replace the * from the file name, but do not change the file extension.
  • Now, we have to export the Payroll Items. Navigate to Reports>List>Payroll Item Listing and click on the Excel button and create a new worksheet. Proceed to create a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file and select Export. Keep the extension same, you can change * with a file name if you have to. Take a note of the location of the file.
  • You have to export the QuickBooks Employees. Navigate to File>Utilities>Export>Lists to IIF Files. On the right hand side of the menu look for Employee List and click on it to put a checkmark in the box given. Select “OK”. You might have to replace the * from the file name, but do not change the file extension.

Note: In order to export or import files to QuickBooks you must switch to single-user mode.

Virtual Time Clock Integration Setup

You can set up the directions and specifications for Virtual Timeclock to give the desired output. You only have to go through the setup once and after that Virtual TimeClock will be integrated to your QuickBooks.

  • Setting up your Export defaults. Navigate to Administration toolbar>Configure>Payroll Settings and select the QuickBooks export format and select Setup.
  • The next step is to import files of Payroll Items and Timer Lists. Click on each Select button and also choose the corresponding file. Under the Fields to the Export list, assign a Virtual TimeClock to each Payroll Item by clicking on the + button.

Note: Multiple export fields can be assigned to a single Payroll item.

  • Navigate to Administrative toolbar>Users>Add>Import Users. Import all your QuickBooks users and follow the instructions on your screen for importing an IIF file.

Note: QuickBooks may create blank or duplicate employee records if it is not able to find a name with an exact match.

Exporting Payroll Hours

  • For exporting the Payroll hours choose Payroll Approval in the Virtual TimeClock administrative toolbar. On your Dashboard, enter the Timecard review and Payroll Approval. Once you are done with all the timecards, click on Export.

Note: If you have missed a timecard and it still needs to be approved, you won’t be able to export it.

Importing Payroll Hours

  • The first step to Import Payroll hours is to go to the File menu of your QuickBooks.
  • Navigate to Utilities>Import>Timer activities.
  • Look for the file that was created in the Exporting Payroll Hours and select it.
  • You do not have to review the entire file to complete the report.
  • Go ahead and open the Payroll center and click on Start Scheduled Payroll.


  • Only Employee hours will be imported for Payroll processing by TimeClock Integration. If you wish to add Jobs, Service items, Customers etc they can be added to the weekly timesheet.
  • A well defined Payroll schedule must exist in order for the Employee hours to appear in the Enter Payroll Information tab.

If you followed the entire process step by step, your QuickBooks will be integrated with Virtual Time Clock in no time. However, if you got stuck anywhere or are facing any technical issue, you can dial the QuickBooks Payroll Tech Support Number at +1866-656-1012 and our QuickBooks Experts will be on the line to assist you.