When using software, it can fall victim to malicious content like malware, so there is no guarantee of authenticity. For a company that has sensitive transactions and businesses, they need a fail safe option which is authentic. If it feels to incorporate the authenticity and the security system that is necessary for the company to prosper, a lot of important data will remain vulnerable. Having an insecure software could also lead to people stealing sensitive data, leaving a massive loss to the company and the user.

Security Feature in QuickBooks Payroll

With QuickBooks pro and premium version, one would be able to secure their data without any kind of worry or problems.

How Can You Secure the Payroll Data?

A few steps will need to be followed so that you do not compromise on your important data, and your payroll data is with sources that are trustworthy. The steps include-

  • A proper set up of user levels and access levels in the QuickBooks pro and premium version.
  • When setting up the account, you need to log in as admin.
  • You can switch the file to be used by a single user.
  • When you don’t have admin password, you need to simply download the tool from the Intuit website, remove the password and you can start all over again.
  • You can manage all the users in QuickBooks by simply going to the company menu and then setting up the user.
  • There is a proper customization for the user that can be done.

So, How Does This Work?

The main selling point of QuickBooks pro and premium is that there is proper control of the user as well as for the management on the same data level with a basic user ID and password. All the areas of interest are located within the QuickBooks pro and premium. To access these areas, there are various ways of customizing the account to add an extra layer of security. You can select any of these options-

  • All areas of QuickBooks.
  • Selected areas of QuickBooks.
  • External accountant.

From the above three options, the external account will be able to provide access to the user for all areas in QuickBooks except the sensitive customer data, which basically includes payment information and credit card data. This will enable the user to keep a track of all the changes done separately.

Apart from the mentioned security system, there are also alternate ways in which the data will remain safe and secure. Since there is no appropriate way of setting up a secure password, QuickBooks pro has made it in such a manner that the password that is inputted is very smart so that nobody can guess it. The admin account will always need to be set up with a unique password, and when the admin forgets the password, the new versions of QuickBooks can only ask a few questions which are unique, and by answering them, the admin will be able to unlock the old password or even reset the password.

How Can You Set up The Password?

Forgetting passwords is a very easy thing to do, and by having a vulnerable password, it could also result in compromising the sensitive data. With the QuickBooks pro and premium, you will be able to set up a sophisticated password that will ensure that your data cannot be hacked. When trying to set up a password, make sure-

  • The password contains at least seven characters.
  • One letter within the password needs to be a number, and at least one letter needs to be in the upper case.
  • You should change your password every 90 days according to the security prompt given by QuickBooks.

An important thing for you to remember is that when you create password in QuickBooks, it becomes PCI compliant, in case there is a need for you to access important information like credit card details are social security number. By creating the PCI compliant password, you would be able to add a new layer of security.

QuickBooks pro and premium has been designed in such a manner that there are no compromises to the data at any point. To sum it all, QuickBooks has been able to create quality password authorization feature that ensures that there is no unauthorized access to the database of your company. Moreover, it will also be able to avoid any kind of changes that is done during the period of not accessing the database, ensuring that your data remains safe and secure.

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